UNICHARM Pet Diaper Female (2 Sizes)

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1. Cool Fashionable Design: Makes outings even more fun and stylish

2. Easy to Wear & Gentle Fit: Hassle free to put on even if your dog cheerfully moves around

3. Comfortable & Breathable: Prevents stuffiness and comfort for your dog with smooth and soft feeling.

4. Secured Absorption Capacity: Designed with Middle Secured Absorber, able to absorb urine for 6 hours*.

5. Stays in Position: Less likely to come off even when your dog is actively moving around.

*based on the average 6-hour urine amount of a healthy dog (may vary depending on each dog).


Comes in 5 sizes:

Super Small: Waist 20-30cm, Weight 2.5.4kg, 38pcs

Small: Waist: 25-40cm, Weight 3.5-5.5kg, 36pcs