ROAM Air-Dried Treats: 100% Deer Hoof (One Size)

ROAM Air-Dried Treats: 100% Deer Hoof (One Size)

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The combination of bone, skin and cartilage offers a range of flavour and texture for your dog, resulting in a very palatable long lasting chew. We remove the nails for your dog’s safety.

Fresh New Zealand water, clean New Zealand air and sunshine produce the highest quality free-range animals. This is why we sustainably source all of a from New Zealand family farmers ensuring your dog eats only high-quality and ethically raised venison.

Roam Air-Dried Deer Hoofs are gently air-dried to slowly protect the natural nutrients. First, our airflow dehydration process protects and retains the natural nutrients. Second, the multi-stage drying technology ensures the safety and longevity of the food. This process results in a high meat gently air-dried chew that your dog will love.

New Zealand venison is sought-after for its ethical farming methods and world-class quality. It provides a lean source of protein and a good alternative for dogs with allergies.

- A healthy bone in chew
- A great option for dogs with allergies
- No antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones
- 100% New Zealand venison

- Encourages chewing which helps support dental hygiene
- Gently air-dried to protect the natural nutrients
- Sustainably sourced and traceable to New Zealand farmers


100% Venison Hoof

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