PETKIT Fresh Element Mini Pet Feeder (2.8L)

PETKIT Fresh Element Mini Pet Feeder (2.8L)

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Worried about your dog when he/she is left at home alone for an entire day? Worried that he has no food to eat until the first person reaches home? You do not have to worry anymore!

The PETKIT FRESH Element Smart Pet Dog Feeder is a full-sealing automated smart feeder that feeds your pet with fresh food using technology. Smart feeder Fresh Element Feeder takes care of your feeding plan and makes sure that the food for your pet is always healthy and fresh. Equipped with bionics technology which is a self-adaptation system with an oscillating bar, spring check-board and silicone impeller, this smart pet feeder ensures that the food will never get stuck.

Product Features and Benefits

- Storage Capacity: 2.8L

- Scheduled feeding plans with Smart Phone Control: Feeding plans could be set up on the cellphone according to the pet's information, how many meals a time and how much the quantity per meal.

- Remote setting on PETKIT application

- Compatible with Andriod and iOS

- Keeps food fresh: PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder has a 360° food-grade silicone sealing ring in the food outlet door

- Moisture-proof box at the top to store the PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder Desiccant packets

- You are to change the desiccant packs every 30 days to ensure that the food can prolong its freshness

- Reliable and tight closing prevent bacteria and dirt from entering the food

- Easy to clean

- Kibble never gets stuck

- Manual feeding mode: Use this feeder without a smartphone; just press the button on the feeder to dispense food.

- Built-in weight sensor to notify you when food is running low.

- Suitable for small dogs and cats

- Product Dimensions: 315 mm x 319 mm x 170mm

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