DAILY DELIGHT Canned Wet Food: Juicy Chicken (180g/700g)

DAILY DELIGHT Canned Wet Food: Juicy Chicken (180g/700g)

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At Daily Delight®, we serve up grain free, whole meats in a can!

Our “Happy Meals” are loaded with quality nutrition in the form of beneficial proteins and balanced omega fatty acids to develop toned muscles, healthy skin, and a glossy coat. Be spoilt by our hearty and tantalizing flavors of Daily Delight®!

With a mix of quality chicken, vitamins and minerals, Daily Delight® is a delicious and nutritious pet food in one meal, suitable for any dog.

Product Benefits

- Grain-free and Gluten-free

- High Levels of Protein from Quality Meat

- Low in Sodium, High in Omega Fatty Acids

- Made with the Finest Cuts of Real Meat

- Carefully Formulated Dishes for a Complete Meal with Exceptional Flavor

- Nutritionally Balanced for all Life Stages and All Breeds

- Packed with protein to provide ample energy for active dogs

- Specially crafted “Complete Meal in a can” formula with exceptional flavour

- Only the highest quality chicken meat is used in every can


Fresh Chicken, Vegetable Gum, Xylo-Oligosaccharide, Essential Vitamins and Minerals

For more info on Nutritional Analysis and Feeding Guidelines, click this link.

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