BIOX Shield Insect Repellent + Disinfectant + Deodorizer (100ml)

BIOX Shield Insect Repellent + Disinfectant + Deodorizer (100ml)

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Bio-X Shield is a series of environmentally friendly, ecologically balanced natural formula based on pine & lemon extracts as our active ingredient coupled with a proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts as carrier and synergist.

Bio-X Shield is a stabilised and long acting disinfectant and effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Bio-X Shield is a true deodoriser, it effectively removes the source of odour causing agent without masking the environment with artificial fragrance.

BIo-X Shield is an insect control agent with multiple modes of activities such as repellency, antifeedant, insect growth regulation effects, ovicidal & larvicidal.

Bio-X Shield is a holistic approach to comprehensively protect you & your loved one, without compromising on your health and the environment.


- Proven anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, ovicidal, larvicidal and plant-growth enhancer;

- 100% Natural formulation containing only botanical extracts and purified water;

- Alcohol-free;

- Long-lasting residual protection;

- Does not harm and irritate mammals and birds;

- Does not stain fabrics

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